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Erciyes Med J: 39 (1)

Volume: 39  Issue: 1 - 2017



2.Culex (Culex) Pipiens Mosquitoes Carry and Harbor Pathogenic Fungi during Their Developmental Stages
Fatma Hossein Galal, Amany Abuelnasr, Ibtesam Abdallah, Omaima Zaki, Alaaeddeen M Seufi
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16067  Pages 1 - 6

3.Amputations in Burn Patients with a Special Emphasis on Pediatric Patients
Burhan Özalp, Abdulkadir Calavul
doi: DOI: 10.5152/etd.2017.16103  Pages 7 - 11

4.Clinical and Cytogenetic Evaluations of Patients with Turner Syndrome: Are We Aware Enough?
Semra Gürsoy, Özge Aksel Kılıçarslan, Özlem Giray Bozkaya, Elçin Bora, Nurettin Ünal, Derya Erçal
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.15070  Pages 12 - 15

5.An Important Question That Needs to Be Proved: Is There Any Relationship between the Epicardial Fat Thickness and the Coronary Artery Complexity in Patients with Acute Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction?
Ahmet Karakurt, Cennet Yıldız
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16081  Pages 16 - 23

6.Identification and Phylogenetic Analyses of Two Isoforms of the Antibacterial Gene Diptericin from the Larval Tissue of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae)
Alaaeddeen M Seufi, Abada A Assar, Magda M Aboelmahasen, Shaymaa H Mahmoud
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16074  Pages 24 - 31

7.An Asymptomatic, Supratentorial, Remote Epidural Hematoma Following Posterior Fossa Surgery
Yaşar Öztürk, Sait Öztürk, Mesut Emre Yaman, Gıyas Ayberk
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16121  Pages 32 - 34

8.Sugammadex and Genaral Anesthesia in Two Pediatric Patients with Joubert Syndrome: Case Report
Dilek Günay Canpolat, Mustafa Denizhan Yıldırım, Salih Doğan, Fatma Doğruel, Hüseyin Per, Mehmet Canpolat
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16108  Pages 35 - 36

9.Paramedian Ectopic Thyroid Gland and Unusual Origin of Superior Thyroid Artery-A Case Report and Review of Literature
Srinivasa Rao Sirasanagandla, Satheesha B Nayak, Narendra Pamidi
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16105  Pages 37 - 39

10.Importance of Neuropathological Examination in “Unexplained Stillbirths”
Anna Maria Lavezzi
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16122  Pages 40 - 41
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11.Multiparametric MRI at 3 T of Usual Prostatic Carcinoma with Neuroendocrine Differentiation: First Case Report
Michele Scialpi, Luca Roncati, Teresa Pusiol
doi: 10.5152/etd.2017.16083  Pages 42 - 43
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